Antonio Brown Penalized with Eight Game Suspension

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The Buffalo Bills once considered electing Antonio Brown for a wide receiver position, which followed after he left the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018. Multiple teams were considering a contract with Antonio, with the Oakland Raiders obtaining Brown for a short period. Contract complications followed & Antonio Brown moved towards the New England Patriots. It appears that Buffalo Bills Coaching Staff dodged a bullet by not moving forward with Antonio Brown. It was announced that he’d obtained an eight-game suspension from the National Football League. This follows after Antonio Brown was found guilty of breaking the personal conduct policy.

The Three Cases Against Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown was once the most desired & popular wide receiver in the National Football League, with that all changing after Sexual Misconduct Accusations were filed in 2017 by a musician in his hometown. It’d take days for the Pittsburgh Steelers to announce that they’d part ways with Antonio Brown, starting an influx of issues for the wide receiver. He’d initially plead not guilty for the sexual charges but would inevitably decide not to appeal the NFL’s decision. It shows a level of admittance & guilt from Antonio Brown.

The sexual charges weren’t the exclusive attribute of his investigation. The NFL would be informed by Florida law enforcement that Antonio Brown had been charged with “Felony Burglary” & “1st Degree Battery”, with two additional misdemeanours. Law enforcement determined that these crimes were committed after a recent incident with a moving truck company he’d employed earlier in the year.

After Antonio Brown received his 1st round of sexual allegations, a 2nd round ensued. His female trainer issued a lawsuit against the National Football League & Antonio Brown, claiming that the wide receiver had sexually assaulted her during a training session. Brown again denied these claims & remarked that their sexual relationship was consensual. NFL inside sources emphasized that a meeting in November 2019 for this matter proved unfavourable for Antonio Brown. It’s expected that he’ll receive additional game suspensions from NFL Executives following the end of this lawsuit, which is shortly coming.

False Hope

All evidence presumably points against Antonio Brown & will prove challenging for the New England Patriots, who now lose access to their critical wide receiver. This could’ve been the Buffalo Bills if they’d contracted-out Brown. Even with all these allegations & looming charges, both Antonio Brown & his agent believe that he’ll compete in 2020. Analysts believe that’s impossible.