Belichick Rages After Losing to the Buffalo Bills

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Fanatics of the Buffalo Bills rallied behind their franchises most recent victory. Speculation surrounding which team would be victorious on December 28th had grown over weeks. Most anticipated that the Buffalo Bills would overcome their aggressors, the New England Patriots. Predictions issued by NFL Analysts became accurate & what unfolded into the evening hours of Monday prompted anger amongst Patriot supporters. That anger was encapsulated by Head Coach Bill Belichick.

Video footage from December 28th showed the Head Coach of New England’s Patriots throwing a corded phone towards the wall & smashing it without concern for property damage. The anger displayed by Bill Belichick is standard with his character, as the Head Coach has experienced multiple altercations through his tenure.

Everything ended for the New England Patriots after Buffalo Bills Dawson Knox received the throw & acquired a final touchdown. It’d be apparent that victory for Bill Belichick wouldn’t be possible any longer, with Dawson Knox looking towards the Patriots Head Coach after making the touchdown. It’d be that moment where Belichick reacted with prominent anger & showed his ultimate weakness as a coaching director, an incapability to remain calm.

Goodbye Belichick

Head Coach Bill Belichick has suffered the worst season in his career over several years. Continuous losses followed after New England lost their Head Quarterback, Tom Brady. Under the leadership of Belichick & Brady, franchises in the NFL struggled to overcome the Patriots. After Tom Brady departed from this organization, an immediate change was seen. Brady now competes for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Belichick would mark this a coincidence, but Tampa has their first playoff opportunity since 2007. It shows that victories obtained by New England’s Patriots weren’t benefited by Belichick but instead, Tom Brady.

Responses seen online towards the reactions of Belichick were hysterical, with the New England Patriots having thousands of “Twitter Mentions” regarding the immaturity & hilarity of this franchises Head Coach. If the mentality around Belichick doesn’t change, 2020/21 could mark his final season with New England.