Best iPad Apps to Keep up with the Buffalo Bills

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The NFL hasn’t always been easy to view outside of the norm of cable. This applies to teams like the Steelers and also the Buffalo Bills. It’s almost impossible to ensure you’re always at home when they play throughout the season or to even check up on their next game or see the scores from the last game.

Luckily, some new apps make it much easier to keep up and even check the stats of other teams and how they compare with the Bills. This year, the Buffalo Bills are well worth keeping an eye on as the team has made some drastic changes, allowing Josh Allen to perform better and the entire team to get further.

Below, we look at some iPad apps that give you the freedom to keep up with your favourite NFL teams and even watch the games, no matter where you are. Some of the apps are 100% free while others might require a small fee.

The NFL App

The NFL app is straightforward without any of the features that make other apps annoying. There are no pop-ups or other things to get in your way, but rather just everything about football.

It allows you to follow your favourite teams, check up on what they’ve been doing, see videos and even read some articles. The app doesn’t come with any special features, but you can link your cable account and score some added benefit by streaming live games.


The ESPN app is a great addition for all sports fans as they provide huge volumes of content, videos, predictions and much more. When you sign up, the app would ask you a few questions to find out what you’re interested in, allowing you to follow more than just one sport and more than only one team. It makes it much easier to find the details you want without having the scroll through hours of content that have nothing to do with your teams.

Those with a cable subscription would have the advantage of gaining access to free live content as well, making it possible to stream games directly from an iPad or even use the audio option to listen to the game.

The Score

The Score app is once again similar to both the NFL and ESPN apps mentioned above as it also provides news feeds and other forms of content. However, the app is set apart from the rest when it comes to following specific players. That’s right; it gives you detailed rating and performances of specific players such as Josh Allen from the Buffalo Bills. It certainly makes it a lot easier to make your predictions for teams as you can see who has an edge in upcoming games. The app is also a break choice for bettors who want to place wagers on specific game events like who would get the first touchdown, which provides enormous odds.