Best Wagers for Buffalo Bills Thanksgiving Game

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The National Football League’s Thanksgiving Game, it’s a tradition that Americans look forward to every year. It’s always been the Dallas Cowboys to headline this game, with their opponent picked at random each year. 2019 will see the Buffalo Bills play against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. The game will begin late into the afternoon at 4:30 P.M Eastern-Standard Time at the AT&T Centre. Before you go and watch the game, it’s good to inform yourself on the best sportsbetting odds relating to the upcoming game.

Most sportsbooks have listed the Dallas Cowboys to win with the 7-Point advantage. It isn’t difficult choosing which team to wager on, but it can be challenging to determine when its best to wager. Throughout the history of the Thanksgiving Game, it’s always been the first half that sees the action unfold. Typically, after the first half is completed, the winner of the game has been predestined in the points. Even with their 7-Point advantage, this is based on the Cowboy’s history with the annual competition. When looking at both teams, it’s the Buffalo Bills who have a more significant offence and defence. The odds might be lower, but the payouts are considerably higher with the Bills. As such, we recommend that players select the Buffalo Bills to win the first half bet with a 6 to 8 point advantage over the Cowboys.

First Half Bet

Sports analysts also aren’t considering that the Dallas Cowboys just had a significant loss against the New England Patriots, shuttering their offence and defence simultaneously. This will more than likely affect the Cowboy’s mental stamina on the field. All other times the Dallas Cowboys walked into their annual thanksgiving game after a significant loss, the ended up being defeated by their opponent.

Key players on their lineup have slight injuries from the last game against the Patriots, which will affect the Cowboys offensively. Sports analysts in favour of the Bills contention estimate that they can defeat Dallas by a 7.3%. During the 2019 season, the Buffalo Bills have averaged 21-Points per half, with a formidable squad for rushing and passing. On average, they hold contention of the football for 63% of the game, indicating that their lineup is one of the most difficult to overcome this season.
Whatever the outcome of the Dallas Cowboys Vs Buffalo Bills Annual Thanksgiving Game, there will be plenty of excitement unfolding and millions of dollars won worldwide. We recommend our readers look into the Bet365, 888Sport or Bodog for their online sportsbetting needs.