Bills Cap Released

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The Buffalo Bills celebrate their birthday in style with an entire sideline collection to commemorate their six decades of play. The latest edition to this collection is a throwback hat that has been recently released and added to the NFL Sideline Collection.

The New Era Cap

The New Era Cap was released at the end of July as part of the celebratory wear for the Buffalo Bills 60th anniversary. The cap brings a combination of sixties retro in the form of a script logo together with a more modern look. The throwback cap is in Bills blue with their red in the script. The script is done in woven rope. This is presented across the brim and bring back the days of when this style has been popular during the times of the War Memorial Stadium. The side of the cap is reflecting the year 1960. This was at the start of the Buffalo Bills’ legacy, six decades ago. The back of the lid makes reference to the NFL’s 100th anniversary with an added patch. The New Era Cap can be purchased from a selected number of retailers as well as at the New Era Flagship Store, which is located in Buffalo or online at

New Era Road Cap to Follow Soon

A further edition to the already released sideline collection for the Bills’ anniversary soon to be expected, is the New Era Road Cap. This cap will have a more simplistic look. Decorated in minimalism with only the logo of the team in the front and the founding year on the right side of the cap. The road cap is only one of five more design variations representing different eras of play in the NFL.

New Era 2019 Official Sideline Collection

The New Era 2019 Official Sideline Collection is featuring designs back as far as 1919. These feature hats which both the players and the coaches wore during each era. The entire collection pays tribute to the 100th year of NFL and includes the following caps.
For the era 1910 to 1920, there is a cap featuring melton wool fabric with a piped crown and the team colour visor and patch embroidery. The teams featuring during this decade is Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers.

The era 1930 – 1950 is also in melton wool including a team logo patch. The year of the various team’s establishment is also represented on the caps as well as their current logos. Some of these teams are the Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams. 1950 – 1960 delivers popular styles of the era with a combination of retro and modern. These include caps for the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots.

For the decade between 1960 to 1970 screen-printed logos on foam and mesh from this timeframe is delivered. Then the period, 1990 to 2000, is represented with caps decorated in alternate blocks set in each of the teams’ logos. Caps are also available for both home and away collections.