Bills Mafia Announce Official Clothing Line

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The Buffalo Bills have announced their latest clothing line, which takes notable similarities from fanfare collections created by third-party retailers. The newest clothing brand is named “Bills Mafia”, which has been known to Buffalo Residents since October 14th. Locals have evoked criticism towards the Buffalo Bills for stealing an iconic phrase & brand created by The HeyyMan Company.

Media personnel for the Buffalo Bills unveiled the latest team clothing through their Instagram. Six apparel products are available for sale, with the logo for Bills Mafia on the back. Underneath the Bills Mafia logo is the statement “From Buffalo. For Buffalo”. This seems a direct jab towards the original created of the Bills Mafia, who continued to sell illegally branded products from Los Angeles after leaving Buffalo.

The Buffalo Bills weren’t willing to allow The HeyyMan Company to continue earning profits from an unofficial & unapproved trademark, which related to their football club. Below are the official products released by the Buffalo Bills:

  • Two Bills Mafia Hats, with a Black & Red colour option for $35.00.
  • Bills Mafia Tour T-Shirt for $32.00.
  • Henley Bills Mafia Hoodie for $70.00.
  • Long-Sleeve Neck Shirt for $70.00.

The HeyyMan Company

Nicholas Avery is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of The HeyyMan Company. Focusing on exclusive clothing apparel, his branding crew to prominence after 2012. Nicholas Avery would relocate himself to Los Angeles for more significant opportunities in fashion. However, the HeyyMan CEO wasn’t impressed with the Buffalo Bills stealing his “Bills Mafia” apparel culture.

Nicholas Avery didn’t give his approval for NFL’s Buffalo Bills to promote the “Bills Mafia” culture. However, another Bills Mafia Co-Founder gave them the clearance. Promotional footage showcasing the updated apparel items had Del Reid make a formal appearance. It shows that the Buffalo Bills went through the proper channels to obtain designer rights. It’s unknown is Nicholas Avery will react with a lawsuit against Del Reid & the Buffalo Bills. Technically, he would’ve been the first to steal the Bills branding technically. Considering the robust set of lawyers behind NFL’s Buffalo Bills, Nicholas Avery would be foolish to fight them in a prolonged court battle.