Brandon Beane on XFL Football

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The General Manager & Head Coach for the Buffalo Bills, Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have spoken on the potential of the National Football League combining their efforts with XFL. Both immediately shot down the concept that both professional leagues could engage with each other but did collectively agree that they’ll watch match-ups to locate potential new players for the Buffalo Bills roster.

Brandon Beane noted that anything surrounding football would capture their attention. These leagues include the College Football League, Extreme Football League and Alliance of American Football. Beane mentioned that the National Football League hadn’t supported any minor league systems, with this being a chance to ensure that those minor leagues are in place. He also expressed that the XFL and CFL are perfect ways for additional men across America to play professional football. These statements were echoed similarly by Sean McDermott, making it appear that both men are open to the concept of new leagues.
The Buffalo Bills Head Coach mentioned that their willing to look anywhere that will assist with improving the football. McDermott also wants increased competition, making each team better after a prolonged period. He doesn’t care which league is forcing these increased skillsets, with most believing it’s the XFL that supports the unique strategies and most prominent tackles.

It’s allowed for multiple athletes in this league to become free agents, making them potential assets for the National Football League. Supporters of the Buffalo Bills can be ensured that Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane are both reviewing these respective free agents. Anybody signed onwards will be used towards improving the Buffalo Bills. Both of these men believe it’s the responsible tactic to broaden their potential player acquisitions, with most sporting analysts agreeing with these remarks.

The Minor League Topic

It’s become a serious subject matter with the National Football League, with that being a lack of minor league support. Throughout the last several years they’ve tried different strategies to implement an NFL-Supported Minor League. This included the Alliance of American Football throughout 2019, which became known as a failed experience with much scepticism and backlash. The AAF has been unable to compare with the XFL, as the Extreme Football League is gaining more popularity weekly. It’s not surprising that National Football League Head Coaches desire to acquire these various players. We will keep our readers updated if the Buffalo Bills hire any XFL Free Agents.