Buffalo Bills – 2020 Budget on Salaries

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The trade deadline is soon coming to an end at the end of the month, and even though the Bills could do with filling some holes in the team, they still manage to maintain unity and thus it is safe to say that this is probably how the roster is going to remain. With that out of the way, it is time to take a peek at the budget and the possibilities which it brings, to improve or hang on to the skills already in the Bills camp. Estimated figures are out and working with these some assumptions can be made regarding what changes might occur.

The Bills Cap Space

Spotrac has delivered an estimated $89 721 785 space cap for the Bills’ 2020 season. This figure they base on the projected $11 million increase in the NFL Cap 2020 to a total of $199 million per team. Currently, the Bills are standing below the cap, and thus it is estimated that they would be in for an additional $27 million leaving them at about $226 million for the season. If these estimations become true, the Bills will be standing at a fifth-place within the league with money to spend.

Spending This Money

When the New Year kicks in, the Bills will be 42 players active. This will chip away on the cap money with quite an effect. Traditionally the Bills have 53 players on their roster, and thus another 11 players will make an added dent into the cap. Independent agencies are another great expense which the Bills need to include in the budget. Jordan Phillips is next year entering into free agency and either the Bills will have to cough up a substantial part of their $89 000 000 caps to replace him, or make him a lucrative offer not to be denied. Other free agents on the Bills roster include Quinton Spain, Kevin Johnson, Frank Gore, Shaq Lawson and Lorenzo Alexander. Basing the free-agency loss for 2020 on that of 2019, the Bills should prepare themselves for a $20 million replacement expense. Currently, the two main possible costs in the Bills budget appear to be Lawson and Phillips. In addition to the above costs, an estimated $8.5 million would be spent on signing on rookies and then a budget should be set aside for injuries mid-season.

No Spending Spree

When breaking down the costs bit by bit, it becomes clear that even though standing at a cap of $89 000 000 in the fifth-highest position in the league, the Buffalo Bills is still not going to be able to go onto a spending spree. This once again proves the monetary value linked to developing talent on this level and being able to pay them according to what they are worth. In the end, there is only a slight bit of flexibility left to maybe sign on one or two impact players.