Buffalo Bills Betting Analysis for New England Patriots on 1/11/2020

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It’s been challenging for supporters of the Buffalo Bills, with the NFL team experiencing two consecutive losses against the Kansas City Chiefs & Tennessee Titans. Their latest match is arriving on November 1st against the New England Patriots, which have also faced an unexpected losing streak. Our Bills are better positioned for Superbowl contention than the Patriots, with the November 1st match-up marking an influential moment of their season. Another loss will prompt any hope of Superbowl contention being lost.

The Buffalo Bills are still viable to lose against the New England Patriots & Seattle Seahawks. It wouldn’t be until competing against the Saint Louis Cardinals that the Bills would be compromised for Superbowl contention. Below we’ve created an index of sportsbetting options for readers, noting which are the best players for wagering & what odds have been sustained throughout 2020.

We’ve also provided an index regarding the New England Patriots, with statistical data indicating that online sportsbooks anticipate Buffalo losing on November 1st. However, digital bookies aren’t considering that Cam Newtown (Quarterback for the Patriots) contracted COVID-19 weeks ago. His performance in recent weeks hasn’t reached expectations, with Newton struggling to recover from Covid. Read below for statistical data on the Buffalo Bills & New England Patriots.

Top Players for Wagering – Buffalo Bills

  • Josh Allen – Quarterback.
  • Devin Singletary – Running Back 1.
  • Zack Moss – Running Back 2.
  • Stefon Diggs – Wide Receiver 1.
  • Josh Brown – Wide Receiver 2.
  • Cole Beasley – Wide Receiver 3.
  • Dawson Knox – Tight End
  • Spread: -110
  • Moneyline: +160
  • Over/Under: -105

Top Players for Wagering – New England Patriots

  • Cam Newton – Quarterback.
  • Sony Michel – Running back 1.
  • James White – Running Back 2.
  • Julian Edelman – Wide Receiver 1.
  • N’Keal Harry – Wide Receiver 2.
  • Mohamed Sanu – Wide Receiver 3.
  • David Asiasi – Tight End.
  • Spread: +/- 3.5
  • Moneyline: Patriots +163, Bills -200
  • Over/Under: 44.5

Our readers are recommended to select Josh Allen & Zack Moss for player-based wagers. The odds might favour the New England Patriots over the Buffalo Bills. However, the Bills have outperformed expectations for this season. Bookies could find themselves paying thousands out to Bills supporters.