Buffalo Bills Defense under the Spotlight

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Even though Micah Hyde stated after Sunday’s game that the Bills didn’t play their best game against the Tennessee Titans when they defeated them with a final score of 14-7, he might not have been aware of how great the defence was playing. Here are a couple of comments that could be made about the Bills defence line and their performance against the Titans.

Levi Wallace

Wallace was a 2018 success story when he emerged from the practice squad right into a starting role in the position of right cornerback, and since then, nothing has changed to his success. Since he was promoted, he started every single time and thus far he has been off to a great start of the season.

Jordan Phillips

Phillips was ready for the Titans, and his fired-up passion showed in his play. He added a career-high during the game with three sacks which also brought him to the season’s team-high of four pockets. Part of this fired up emotion is due to the presence of Taylor Lewan playing for the Titans. There, is no love lost between the two and was a motivation for Phillips to excel.

Tremaine Edmunds

After a loss in England, Edmunds made a comeback with brilliant play. He was very active during the entire time and stepped into the position of the stud which the Bills need him to be. In his second year now as the middle linebacker, he is settling much better into his role. Not only is he a dominant force during the run, but he also manages significantly with taking away space in the zone pass coverage.

Pass Rush Needs Improvement

True, the Bills sacked Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota five times and flushed him out several times too, but their pass rush is not yet where it needs to be. If the Bills can get their rush where it needs to be, and it showed signs of possibility during the Titans game, then the defence might be able to bring on some turnovers.

Lorenzo Alexander

Even though Alexander, aged 36 years old, is the oldest in the defence line, he is still playing like a man less ten years his age. He managed around half of the defence snaps during the season, a total of 151. During that time he had 12 pressures with three sacks, nine stops and 13 tackles. Even though Alexander is talking of retiring next season, the Bills should surely try to talk him out of it to stay on for another year or more.

Corey Bojorquez

When Bojorquez entered week 5, it was with the reputation of being the worst punter in Bills’ history. Yet he stayed on the roster and then when they were up against the Titans, he had a great day and averaged on 50 yards gross. Still worthwhile to hold on to.