Buffalo Bills, Deutsche Bank & Donald Trump

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The tale continues to grow stranger, and it includes the Kremlin, the Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump and the football team called the Buffalo Bills. The combination is one as unusual as the story itself, and it started weeks ago. It kicked off with Michael Cohen accusing Donald Trump publicly of not telling the bank the truth about his financial situation. This he believed was done in the hope of gaining access to a loan. The money Trump wanted to use to purchase the team. Now the story moved on, and it became clear that the bank knew all along that Trump was not telling the truth, but still, the bank was willing to grant the loan, anyway.

Can Banks Do This?

In normal circumstances, it is highly unlikely that banks would even consider this. Not even the most corrupt banks would grant a loan when they know the person lies, no matter who the person is. The question is why the bank would consider the load when they have nothing to gain. On the other hand, many wonders what would have happened if Trump got his way and managed to purchase the Buffalo Bills team. With his current situation, that is best described as crippled; he would not have been able to keep the Buffalo Bills in operation. The options would have been to either declare bankruptcy or to dump the team in a sale. Regardless of the result, the matter of the fact is that the Deutsche Bank would have lost on the deal.

Why Would A Major Bank Puts Itself in such a Position?

The question takes things back to the Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump. Still, everyone wants to understand why any major bank would even think of allowing itself to end up in such a financial situation. It is the same as granting a loan to a criminal that was broke and had no intention in paying back the money. No straight answer is giving although it all goes back to the status of the Deutsche Bank during the timeframe of that of a massive laundered, at that time of Russian money.

Vladimir Putin Used the Deutsche Bank to Direct Cash in Donald Trump’s Way

It is not that difficult to understand that in using the Deutsche Bank it was easy for Vladimir Putin to funnel money to Trump. The funds were used to control him, and the loads were never intended to be paid. So, the whole story summarises that the Deutsche Bank agreed to grant the loan and at the same time put itself in a bad situation. The investment would enable Trump to buy the Buffalo Bills even when he could not afford to keep the team afloat. So, it all starts to make sense when you realise that it was in the interest of Putin; he wanted the team and was prepared to get it either directly or indirectly. Trump was used by Putin, who wanted to buy the NFL football team.