Buffalo Bills Game At Risk from Titans

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The National Football League would have an inevitable outbreak of COVID-19 with one of their teams. Nobody could’ve anticipated which team would first have an episode of the virus. It’d be the Tennessee Titans that become the 1st NFL team to have a COVID-19 outbreak, with reports indicating eighteen individuals throughout the group have contracted the virus. It’s one of the most massive outbreaks seen in professional sports, leaving organizers to consider if the Titans should compete against the Buffalo Bills on October 11th. The termination of this game is straightforward. However, the NFL has taken a firm stance against avoiding the coronavirus pandemic. Their decisions have been mirrored in controversy week after week.

The Tennessee Titans have begun infecting out teams throughout the National Football League. It’s known that the New England Patriots & Kansas City Chiefs both have confirmed infections of the virus, which originate from their respective matches with the Titans. Why the Buffalo Bills match hasn’t been terminated has puzzled NFL medics. The most prominent athletes of each team can become affected. Cam Newton from the New England Patriots tested positive for COVID-19, forcing their title star to avoid the team’s most recent match. Rapid infections have regularly been tracked to the Tennessee Titans, which follows after the team avoided COVID-19 NFL Protocols.

Infections Aren’t Stopping.

Individuals affected with the virus in the Tennessee Titans haven’t been kept private, enabling the NFL to track their quarantine status in designated hotels. It’s known that confirmed infections have been seen for five consecutive days in this organization. Contractions began being reported on September 24th, with team leaders putting the infected onto the practice squad & avoiding having that individual leave their training facility. It prompted an influx of infections that was last reported at eighteen on October 1st. That number could be drastically higher now.

All known individuals infected with the virus on the Tennessee Titans includes the following:

  • DaQuan Jones – Defensive Captain.
  • Beau Brinkley – Long Snapper
  • Adam Humphries – Wide Receiver.
  • Kamalei Correa – Outside Linebacker.
  • Kristian Fulton – Cornerback.
  • Cameron Baton – Receiver.
  • Tommy Hudson – Tight End.