Buffalo Bills Going to Mexico

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Supporters of the Buffalo Bills in Arizona were disappointed to learn that this NFL team most likely won’t arrive at Glendale in 2020. It’s been anticipated that the Bills would host an international game before 2023, with rumours suggesting they’d follow through it this year. Those rumours are now growing and indicating that the Buffalo Bills will arrive in Mexico in the coming months. It’d mark the first time that an NFL Team has entertained the Mexican people in years.

It should be noted that the Buffalo Bills are competing with the Arizona Cardinals for this international game. Considering that both have slated agreements to host the Superbowl in the coming years, they’re both entitled to an international match before 2023. The Cardinals believe that they’ll be the NFL outfit to receive special permission into Mexico, with them being more known for supporting Mexican fans. This is because Arizona compiles a large percentage of Mexican immigrants in the United States of America. It’s expected that this venue will be hosted at the Estadio Azteca Stadium.

The Arizona Cardinals are racking themselves up an extensively busy season. They’re already slated to host the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills. It should be noted that the potential opponent for this international game hasn’t been revealed, leaving the potential for the Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills to compete against each other in Estadio Azteca. This would be a well-balanced match that would see much NFL action in Mexico. However, if the NFL selects the Seahawks or 49ers for the opponent team, both the Bills and Cardinals would struggle.

Ngakoue to the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills could be supporting a new athlete on their lineup when entering Mexico. Rumours indicate that Yannick Ngakoue is being looked into as the replacement for Shaq Lawson. The associated cost with acquiring this player would be extensive, with Buffalo Bills having to payout $22 million for Ngakoue. The question becomes is he worth that money for a one-season contract. It’s a resounding yes because Ngakoue has become the highest-rated defensive end in the National Football League. We’ll keep our readers updated on if the Buffalo Bills hire Yannick Ngakoue and if they’ll be competing against the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico this year.