Buffalo Bills have 3 Running Back Free Agents to Choose

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At the moment, the Bills aren’t really in the market for a running back, but with the three options available, we might just see Brandon Beane change his mind about sticking with LeSean McCoy, which would result in a saving of $6 million!

In 2018, many things could have been better for the Bills, but their current plan seems to have highlights for the future. With the free agents currently on offer, the year ahead could look a lot different for the Bills, making it a hard choice for Beane, but with the current cap being one of the biggest in NFL, we might just see some change.

The free agents aren’t bad either and actually include some big names, making it even more attractive. However, as some would know, running backs don’t really improve with age, meaning some of the big names might seem great but haven’t been chosen for a reason. Let’s have a look at what’s available and see if the Bills have any worth options.

Tevin Coleman

Though he comes with a higher salary than some on this list, Tevin might just be the one of go for by the Bills. He is only turning 26 this year and has just come off his first contract, looking for a new team to push his limits.

We can see multiple teams being interested in Tevin, which could have a serious increase on his pay, but if the Bills are interested at all, it’s bound to be a worthy consideration. Not only did he manage 800 years, nine touchdowns and 276 receiving yards, but he still has a lot to prove with the right team.

Mark Ingram

We’re not really sure if Mark would be a worth consideration for the Bills as it might not be worth all the effort, considering LeSean is roughly the same age as the 29-year-old.

He has the experience with eight seasons behind him, but at the same time, that might just mean he doesn’t have the power to deliver anymore. On top of that, he missed four games due to a suspension.

Jay Ajayi

Jay Ajayi has been having great seasons, but last year he hurt himself quite badly towards the end of October. Even if he fully recovers, we’re not quite sure if he would still have the same abilities as we’ve seen in the four leagues years he has played. At the same time, the exclusion of last season might have just been what he needed to fully recover from the wear and tear other running backs are still trying to catch up on.

The great news with Jay is the lowered pay check expected for 2019 as he would be taking it a bit slower to ensure a full recovery as he gets back into it. In fact, if the Bills had to choose him as a replacement, they can save huge as Sportrac projects a salary of around $3.6 million.