Buffalo Bills Perfectly Lined Up for Wide Receiver Free Agent

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With the second-biggest cap in NFL this off-season. The Buffalo Bills might seem as if they have a huge advantage with their high amount of cash, but the small market does not work quite as directly. However, they certainly have the opportunity to grab some talented players on a yearly rental!

The potential we’ve seen with Josh Allen has enabled the team to attract some big players. Since they have all the cash, they might be able to grab the right wide receiver to join the team for 2019.

Josh Allen managed to the fantastic rookie year last season, adding some high numbers for the team and making it an attractive option for free agents. At the very least, wide receivers would at least be looking at the West New York team and should see some potential growth!

There’s no question that Zay Jones also showed some fantastic improvements, but his rookie year did end in a slump, but at the same time, we are expecting enormous gains for the season ahead. However, when looking at it carefully, you can easily see that both Zay and Josh would benefit significantly if the team were to add an experienced wide receiver.

Who Better than Golden Tale?

Golden Tale almost seems like the perfect fit for the team as he has the experience of being a Super Bowl champion. On top of that, he has played with three NFC teams, allowing him great advantages for the Bills. The star player will only be 31 in 2019. Since he hasn’t been taken just yet, there’s a good chance that the free agent would be interested in signing a decent one-year deal with an up and coming team such as the Buffalo Bills.

Tale brings a very positive impact to the field, which could see all the players on the Bills team step it up a gear. Of course, it would have the most significant effect on Josh Allen where it’s needed the most. Not only would Tale appear as the perfect mentor, but he would be able to give Josh the tools required to perform at his best in the playoffs ahead.

The Combination

of Josh’s power arm and the positive impact from Tale could just be the recipe that takes the team to a whole new level for 2019.

This opportunity also plays in favour for Tale as he could claim the higher pay he desires and what his talents deserve while helping the Bills find their grove in and get close to where the team is headed.

It is also an advantage that the Buffalo Bills team are not strangers to signing big free agent players for a year, allowing Tale to join the team, see how it goes and make another move if he chooses to.