Buffalo Bills Playing the Texans

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The next upcoming match for our beloved Buffalo Bills will be against the Houston Texans. This marks the second time this season that the two teams are meeting up, with some slight changes being made to this round. That change is that there playing against one another as the Wild Card matchup for the 2019 National Football League Playoffs.

Most are anticipating that the Buffalo Bills will win for a second consecutive time. JJ Watt and Will Fuller have missed thirteen games for the Houston Texas, meaning their capabilities have diminished drastically in comparison to the Bills top players. It was mentioned that neither of these top players would compete against the upcoming Texas Vs. Bills game, with Watts being sidelined. This comes after he tore his pectoral muscle on Week 8 of the NFL.

The Defensive Co-Ordinator for the Buffalo Bills is working with both JJ Watt and Will Fuller, determining where their physical abilities stand and how they can compete after being benched for eight consecutive weeks. While Watts will remain sidelined during this matchup, Fuller won’t be anywhere near Houston. He will stay at home, mending from his injuries. Though he has begun practising with the team again, he doesn’t have the capabilities to play and potentially face another injury. The Texans would instead their top players remain stable until official playoff matchups, with the wild card having minimal significant out of the outcome towards the Superbowl.

Two Concerning Players

There are two other notable players with the Houston Texans that must be defeated by the Buffalo Bills offensive. This includes DeAndre Hopkins and Tre Davious White. Hopkins is one of the best wide receivers in the league, with his talents placing him in the Pro Bowl for two consecutive seasons. Tre Davious maintains the best cornerback title in the league, meaning that he has the capabilities to take down any of the Bills defensive lineup. It’s these two players that have enormous significance going forward.

Josh Allen hasn’t been deterred by the potential of the Houston Texans, as he’s previously beaten them this season. However, this will be the biggest matchup of his professional life. It’s the first instance that Josh Allen will appear in a playoff game with the National Football League. This could prove to be worrisome for Buffalo Bill fans, as it’s known that during significant games, Josh Allen can falter with his performance. The best we can do is that Allen performs at his highest capabilities, with him being their significant chance at winning this first playoff game.