Buffalo Bills Re-Acquire Isaiah McKenzie

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One of the most notable players with the Buffalo Bills is returning under a One-Year Contract Agreement. Isaiah McKenzie was confirmed to be re-contracted on March 27th, with the young football spending his two first seasons in the National Football League with this outfit. Isaiah is known for his formidable speed, which allowed him a more prominent role throughout the 2019 NFL Season. It enables for the Bills to reach new heights by taking advantage of Isaiah’s talents. He’s considered the highest-rated Offensive with the Buffalo Bills, with it being reported that multiple teams were trying to acquire his abilities.

Acquiring Isaiah McKenzie became an essential goal for multiple teams in the National Football League. It followed after the Bills Offensive reached a Single-Season Career High, which applied to receive yards and receptions. McKenzie became known for running twenty yards or more within three plays. Most weren’t anticipating that Isaiah would return to the Buffalo Bills, as he ended 2019 as a restricted free agent. NFL Analysts expected coaching staff to permit Isaiah McKenzie to another team, with coaches ultimately determining that his assets are best suited for the Buffalo Bills. This prompted an additional one-year agreement.

Going into the 2020 NFL Season, it’s expected that Andre Roberts and Isaiah McKenzie will be two of the most formidable players for the Buffalo Bills. McKenzie will be positioned as the understudy for Andre Roberts, putting him in a leading role whenever Roberts in benches. It should be noted that the Buffalo Bills now has nine receives on their line-up, which is more than most NFL outfits in 2020. It’ll provide them with an offensive advantage over their competitors, like the Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots.

Players in Quarantine

Before the 2020 National Football League Season takes place, all respective players have been issued into Self Isolation. This demand was prompted by the increasing Covid-19 Pandemic in North America. There are some in the NFL Community that are trying to assist with the novel coronavirus. Kim and Terry Pegula are two individuals in the community that are helping. The Buffalo Bills Owners announced on March 25th that they’d donated $1.2 Million to hospitals in Western New York. Funds will be issued to support Doctors, Nurses and First Responders. This extends towards purchasing additional medical equipment.