Buffalo Bills Roadmap to Future Victories

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The Buffalo Bills will be playing against the Minnesota Vikings this weekend which will be the third match for the 2018 NFL regular season. It’s rather depressing so early on in the season to be reading about your favourite NFL team that is currently going through a rebuilding year but after successive defeats against the Los Angeles Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens this reason, it is, unfortunately, where the fans of the Bills are today.

Although the Buffalo Bills will be taking a few steps backwards after advancing to the playoffs in the previous season, it doesn’t mean that the Bills need to continuously lose every single Sunday. Competitive football is undoubtedly within grasp for the team, and it can occur at any second, even against the Minnesota Vikings where the Buffalo Bills are expected to lose again. They simply need to ensure the basics are taken care of to cause an upset.

Start Hot

In the previous season, when the Bills managed to sneak into the post-season which hasn’t occurred in the last 17 years, they were not considered a functioning team that played well from behind. This is going to be even more true as this time round there is a rookie quarterback leading the pack.

If the Buffalo Bills want to start playing competitively, they will need to completely change the way they’ve been playing games this season. During the first quarter against the Chargers and Ravens combined, the Buffalo Bills were outscored by 28-0. During the 1st halves of both these games combined, the Buffalo Bills were outscored by 54-6. Every NFL team wants to start hot in any given match, but for the Buffalo Bills, it’s an absolute must if they want to win a match during the fourth quarter.

Turnover Battle Must Be Won

The Buffalo Bills forced a total of 25 turnovers and managed to finish with a turnover differential of plus-9 during the previous season. The turnover differential was the 7th best in the NFL league which was a major factor for the playoff appearance by the Bills.

However, in the 2018 regular season, the turnover differential is currently on minus-3 where the defense of the Bills only managed to turnover once in the first 2 weeks of the NFL season. There have been loads of opportunities for the Bills to take advantage of their opponent’s mistakes, especially when it comes to fumble recoveries, but they haven’t been able to achieve anything as of yet.

Avoid Penalties

Within the last two matches, the Bills have committed a total of 16 penalties against themselves for 131 yards. Although they are not considered the most-penalized team within the league, their margin of error is so incredibly slim that it’s untenable to average 8 penalties per game. When compared to the 2017 NFL season, the Bills managed to average 6 penalties per matchup which is a 25% increase which the Buffalo Bills will certainly not be satisfied with.