Buffalo Bills Serve Up Thanksgiving

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It doesn’t matter where you live, the common principal that people are bonded closely with the individuals living in their home region is fact. It’s proven daily worldwide during times of need, like America’s Thanksgiving. On November 17th, the Buffalo Bills proved their loyalty to the Western New York Region by hosting their own thanksgiving event. That Monday night, multiple players from the sporting organization didn’t have dinner with their families but instead choose to feed the less fortunate. The Micah Hyde Third Annual Imagine for Youth Foundation Thanksgiving Dinner has become a staple in the Buffalo Bills locker room for the last three years. Most players showed their support by providing more than just food but secretly giving less-fortunate parents gifts for their children. Micah Hyde is an American Football Defence for the Buffalo Bills.

Local News Outlets were located on the scene, reporting the holiday cheer to the Western New York Region. Kurt Coleman appeared on camera after being asked why he was participating in this year’s events. The Defenceman noted that this decision isn’t hard for players to make and that the moment Micah asks for their assistance, immediately their onboard with the idea. He noted that the Buffalo Bills are all about family and that Micah has become family after three years. Kurt Coleman also mentioned that this man is a part of our community, our family and he would assist them with whatever they asked as well. For Kurt, it was easy to make the decision and give the community something extra for the holidays.

Kurt Coleman wasn’t the only player on scene celebrating the holidays with his community. The defenceman had Matt Milano, Jordan Poyer, Tre Davious, Jaquan Johnson and Jerry Hughs join him for the thanksgiving community dinner. The team served more than one hundred families from the Buffalo and Lake Erie Communities. Less Fortunate supported by the United Way was also served by the Buffalo Bills.

Micah Hyde’s Past

Micah Hyde’s Third Annual Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t the first time that the defencemen have assisted the less-fortunate. Before moving to the Buffalo Region, this 28-year-old lived in Ohio. After marrying his wife, the two of them alongside his new family hosted initiatives for outreach communities. Amanda and Micah created his Youth Foundation, creating a non-for-profit organization that has assisted thousands in the Ohio and Western Buffalo Communities. Their efforts towards helping those in the community hasn’t gone unnoticed, especially by the parents and children who look up to these football stars