Buffalo Bills Ty Nsekhe

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A story which Ty Nsekhe has been shunting away from for most of his life has now been told. He recently had an honest and open conversation regarding a time of his life which he tried to hide away for about ten years. A time which he spent behind bars for burglary, hustling and more. His journey is a captivating one of reaching success from a place where he achieved his ultimate low.

The Feeling of Anxiety Around Strangers

For the first time, the Buffalo Bills star spoke out about his journey. The man is an impressive 6 feet, 8 inches tall and brings the scale to a staggering 330 pounds, yet he had to admit to feeling anxiety around strangers. When he was first released strangers would recognize him in the streets for his sporting career, and they knew his name. This made him immediately feel insecure. He didn’t know what else they knew about him. He was never sure whether people knew about him spending time behind bars or about the lowest point in his life, being transported before dawn in a bus with his feet in shackles and an armed guard holding watch over the group.

The Start of a Downward Spiral

Nsekhe’s career kicked off during 2003. He played for one season for Texas State. Then one night he and some of his teammates were involved in a robbery at a fraternity house. He stated that it was spring semester, and he was 18 years old. It was during a period when the coach, Manny Matsakis, expected the team to practice more than 20 hours per week. He was later on fired for this violation of the NCAA rules. That night Nsekhe was tired and hungry. He was attending classes until about 12:30 pm and would then rush off to the practice facility where he would be until 10:30 or 11:00 at nights. Most days, there was no time to eat. He didn’t have any extra money to buy food, and all the dining halls on campus was closed, they entered the fraternity and took some electronics and books which they hid in a teammate’s car. The car was found, and as soon as that the police busted the friend, he told the entire story. Even though it was only his word against theirs, Nsekhe was linked to the crime through a Playstation which he pawned.

Going Down A Slippery Slope

This offence gave him a criminal record. He lost his full scholarship and couldn’t attend the school any longer. From there, he entered a world where his only advantage was his size, and he managed to find a position as a bouncer. Nsekhe goes on to expand on how his life went into a downward spiral until he reached his lowest point ever. From being star player to landing behind bars and then the rise to success again. Finally, he could set the truth free and in the process, inspire others not to make the same mistakes which he had.