Buffalo Bills Weekly News for December 23rd

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Two significant headlines hit Buffalo this week regarding their beloved Bills. It was revealed that Sean McDermott, the head coach, hadn’t decided which players he will use for the final regular-season game against the Jet. He noted that all of the regular starts would see playtime, a fact that was confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday, December 24th. It should be noted that the Buffalo Bills enter playoff contention, regardless if they win this matchup or experience a loss as they are currently placed in the fifth position on the AFC Standings.

The Head Coach mentioned at his press conference that their title quarterback, Josh Allen, would play a significant role in this matchup. However, this was expected as Allen has made sixteen starts this season. He has missed five starting lineups, one was the home opener and others were for critical injuries. Unfortunately, Sean McDermott noted that not every player would experience the same level of playtime in this matchup. Subsequently, the backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills won’t encounter any touchdown passes unless Josh Allen is benched towards the end of the game. Sean McDermott hasn’t made any comments relating to any other players who may or many see any playtime.

Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Passes Away

This wasn’t the only unexpected headline that was released this week. Family members revealed that Elbert Dubenion, one of the most significant players in Buffalo Bill’s history, has passed away. This man was nicknamed the Golden Wheels; nobody could catch him on the field. He was one of the most pivotal players in 1964 – 66 when the Buffalo Bills won two championship events in the AFL consecutively. Elbert was one of the biggest threats in the American Football League, with hardly any players experiencing his level of capabilities. Elbert Dubenion passed away at 86 peacefully in his sleep after battling Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease for several years.

The announcement of Elbert Dubenion passing away came on the anniversary date of his first championship title with the American Football League. This Golden Team defeated the San Diego Chargers on December 26th, 1964. Throughout the 64 Season, the Buffalo Bills held the record for total yards and touchdowns. Elbert was a significant reason why those records were acquired, with Dubenion running 1,139 yards. This was his career-high, which was accomplished in only 42 receptions. These accomplishments would place him into the Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame in 1995.