Buffalo Bills Weekly News for February 10th

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Coaching outfits with the Buffalo Bills are continuously changing before the 2020 Season. It was announced this week that this NFL organization acquired a new assistant defensive line coach, under the name of Jacques Cesaire. Long-term fans of the National Football League shouldn’t be surprised by this announcement. Before signing an agreement with the Buffalo Bills, Jacques spent five years as a secondary defensive line coach for the University of San Diego.

This followed after he retired from professional football in 2013, where he had engaged with the Bills under multiple competing games. It should be noted that Jacques Cesaire played for the San Diego Chargers for eight seasons, acquiring a career like 200 tackles and 13 touchdowns. Jacques Cesaire has more than twenty years of experience with professional football and will provide strategic training routines for the head coaching staff. This new selection should assist the Buffalo Bills throughout the 2020 Season.

Keeping Free Agents After 2020

Discussions are already being held towards what will come after the 2020 Season for the Buffalo Bills. It’s known that Devin Singletary, John Brown and Cole Beasley will all become free-agent players after this upcoming season. The capabilities provided enhancements to the offensive lineup in Buffalo, allowing for the defence to better perform and acquire their highest record since 1999. Most wouldn’t have imagined two seasons ago that the Buffalo Bills would become a Superbowl contender, which is becoming more of a reality with each passing month. Keeping these three players will be critical following the 2020-21 Draft Pick, with this organizations budget cap listed at $90 million. This will give the Buffalo Bills a maximum of nine draft picks.

Additional players that the Buffalo Bills will want to keep after this season include Kevin Johnson, Jordan Phillips and Shaq Lawson. It’s expected that all six of these professional footballers with request multi-year contracts. This could limit the Buffalo Bills draft pick money to $30 million or less. All the negotiation contracts for the 2021 Season begin on March 18th, 2020. Selections will follow on April 23rd.