Buffalo Bills Weekly News for January 13th

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The 2020 offseason for the Buffalo Bills is allowing for multiple players to receive surgery. Associated costs follow after numerous accidents from severe tackles throughout 2019s season. The first player undergoing surgery is Cody Ford, which was immediately followed by Ed Oliver. Both individuals noted through social media that they’d had surgeries following Cody Ford damaging his right arm and Ed Oliver popping out his left shoulder.

Surgeries followed for Jon Feliciano, one of the most notable veterans for the Buffalo Bills. This offensive line teammate released photographic evidence to Instagram and Twitter, which noted that he’s recovering offseason from a shoulder injury. The photo displayed the various bandages placed around Feliciano’s shoulder. It should be pointed out that this veteran played 89% of the Bills official season games, prompting significant muscle damage over six months. This percentage would’ve been considerably lower if Mitch Morse hadn’t taken a leave of absence. Injury-wise, it first started throughout the 2019 training camp and proceeded to become worse throughout the remaining season.

These players also maintained wrist injuries throughout the 2019 Season. Cody Ford, Ed Oliver and Jon Feliciano are supporting specialized wrist-guards to rebuild the bone structure and muscle mass. The worst wrist injury fell onto Jerry Hughes, who broke the bone and cartilage. It prompted an extensive surgery throughout the 2020 offseason, with suspected healing times projected at four to six months. This applies to all footballers mentioned above, which means training camp will be forcibly avoided. Details regarding their injuries were provided by MedlinePlus, the insurance group under the NFL.

The 2020 NFL Draft

Following these player injuries, the Buffalo Bills must take the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft seriously. Recorded as maintaining the fourth-best defence in the league, the Buffalo Bills need to increase their offensive unit. Though Tre’Davious White has proven to be an All-Pro Quarterback, their secondary lineup for offensive purposes is lacking. Several players in the first lineup need to be addressed, with improvements on their passing and rushing down the fields.

Often though it can be hard to teach old dogs some new tricks, which is why the Bills are considering Levi Wallace and Kevin Johnson, they’d be perfect for the 2nd and 3rd Corner positions, providing Tre’Davious with the required assistance to dominate over opponents. However, acquiring these players will be challenging under the 4th round pick. Three teams could scoop Wallace and Johnson up before the Buffalo Bills.