Buffalo Bills Weekly News for January 6th

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The National Football League’s 2020 season is quickly ramping up, with sports analysts and insiders debating who will win the Superbowl. Multiple organizations are being mentioned, without Buffalo Bills being one of the most significant teams for contention. It was announced this week that the Bills had spent a substantial amount of money for team-bonding exercises, which came before their game with the Houston Texans for the Wild Card matchup. Various news sources noted that this wasn’t a sanctioned gathering by team owners, with it seemingly being more for luxury and relaxation. However, this is what the Buffalo Bills need after months of formidable battling on the field.

One of the first things that the Buffalo Bills did for relaxation was hired the services of Iceman Nick. He’s known as an infamous jeweller for celebrities, where they amassed more than $250,000.00 team-wide on new products. Those included watches, necklaces and rings. It was noted that twenty of the players attended, spending more than $500,000.00 throughout three days.

The Wildcard Viewer Valuations

Unfortunately, the relaxation and luxurious gifts weren’t enough to acquire the Buffalo Bills the Wild Card title. Their thrilling matchup against the Houston Texans resulted in an unfortunate loss, with Buffalo losing by three points at 22 – 19. There were some positives from this event for the Bills, with the NFL noting that this was the most-watched Wild Card matchup in six years. It was also the highest-viewed Wild Card in ESPN’s coverage. The total coverage was listed at 34 million nationwide, which comes after another notable game with the Texas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

Both the wild card and thanksgiving day games between the Houston Texans and Texas Cowboys saw the Buffalo Bills acquire broadcasting benchmarks for their local regions. Subsequently, these viewership numbers will prompt the National Football League to engage the Buffalo Bills in Primetime Television for the 2020 season. Unfortunately, no official announcements have been made yet.

Entering the 2020 Season, the Buffalo Bills are considered the 5th highest-rated organization in the National Football League. This marks the first time that the Bills have acquired a top-five placement in fifteen years. Depending on the outcome of the 2020 Season, the Bills could find themselves for 1st place contention. This would be an incredible moment in sporting history, similar to the Toronto Raptors in the National Basketball Association. Buffalo Bills Insider will continue to keep our readers informed of any updates pertaining to the 2020 season.