Buffalo Bills Weekly News

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The last week has proven to be significant for the Buffalo Bills. After sporting analysts had anticipated their demise for the Playoffs, the offensive and defensive lines regrouped themselves. Now the sporting organization maintains a position for the chance to play the Superbowl. Celebrating their unexpected achievement, after a season that’s been filled with emotion, a new Playoff-Season Hat has been released for public sale. This information came directly from the New Era Company, who unveiled the new headgear through a mass-email to consumers.

This design is simplistic, featuring blue apparel and the Buffalo Bills Logo. What makes this snapback more unique than other models released in recent years is the specialized patch on the side. This patch was created for the 2019 NFL Playoff Season, with the headgear being sold at two online retailers. Those include the Buffalo Bills and New Era online stores. Depending on the model selected, it will cost anywhere from $23.00 to $45.00.

Bills Bring in High Ratings

Additional news released this week for the Buffalo Bills pertained to their viewership ratings. NBC Sports provided their yearly insight on standard NFL game ratings, with the Buffalo Bills Vs. Dallas Cowboys thanksgiving matchup being the most-watched in several years. It was also noted that the Sunday Night Football matchup they had on Week 15 of the regular season provided to be the number one viewed event for SNF. This was a significant accomplishment for the Buffalo Bills, who haven’t played a matchup on Sunday primetime television in ten years.

The increase in popularity for the Buffalo Bills is causing sports analysts to wonder if the 2020 season will mark significant changes for this organization. Nobody in the NFL Community anticipates the Bills to win the Superbowl, with their chances being significantly higher in 2020. Subsequently, it won’t be long until this team is on the same national stage as the Raiders or Steelers. It will be interesting to see if the same level of viewership is maintained with their upcoming bout against the New England Patriots on December 21st.