Buffalo Bills Weekly Roundup for February 17th

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Supporters for the Buffalo Bills were disappointed with one headline this week and excited by another. The 1st headline revolved around the NFL Draft. Sporting analysts were anticipating that the Buffalo Bills would acquire Greg Olsen for the upcoming 2020 season. Those analysts were shocked to learn that the veteran tight-end has signed with the Seattle Seahawks, which will stand under a one-year contract. It’s expected that this will be the final professional season of football for Greg Olsen. The Washington Redskins were also competing for Olsen in the draft, with both the Bills and Skins having a history with Greg. This history wasn’t enough for this famous athlete to sign with either of his previous coaches.

Greg Olsen was explicitly looking for an NFL outfit that could provide him with a final Superbowl victory, with the Seattle Seahawks most suited for that potential. Even though the Buffalo Bills are considered serious contenders for the 2020-21 Superbowl, other outfits like the Redskins or the Dallas Cowboys, acquiring Greg Olsen would’ve been a luxurious contract with millions spent on one selective player for a single season. This doesn’t mean that former Tight-End players with the Bills aren’t capable of dominating over opponents. Players Dawson Knox, Jason Croom, Tommy Sweeney and Tyler Kroft will continue to batter down opposing forces.

Exit Clause Denied by Buffalo Bills

The positive headline for supporters with the Buffalo Bills revolved around their stadium. It was confirmed that the Bills would remain at Orchard Park – New Era Field. This follows after team owners determined to supersede the exit clause on their stadium leasing contract, which stood as a one-time opportunity. Supporters for this NFL Team can anticipate their favourite outfit to remain at their home-base until 2023. Choosing to opt for the exit-clause would’ve seen the Buffalo Bills leave New Era Field by July 30th, 2020. Sporting analysts in Buffalo are praising the Bills for remaining put.

When the original lease was created in 2013 by Russ Brandon and Ralph Wilson Junior, there was an included clause that allowed to a one-time option to terminate the contract. Choosing to implement this clause would’ve cost $28 million for Team owner, Ralph Wilson Junior. There were some concerned that the son of Ralph Wilson, who passed away in 2014, would sell the Buffalo Bills by July. This announcement confirms that the Bills will remain in the Wilson Family for four-more years.