Buffalo Bills Welcomes Maurice Alexander

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The Buffalo Bills need to make the last few adjustments and get ready for a long postseason practice to get all the new players lined up and in tune with the rest of the team.

They’ve certainly made some interesting moves over the last few weeks, all in preparation to assist their star quarterback Josh Allen in the 2019 season. Sure, the Bills might not be quite ready to aim very high, but with Beane as the GM, they’re certainly on the right track and would become one of the teams to watch in matches to come.

In the latest news, the team adds another impressive player to the row of linebackers. That list currently includes Tremaine Edmunds, Matt Milano, Deon Lacey, Lorenzo Alexander and now Maurice Alexander as well.

The veteran player has been involved with the NFL for more than just a few years. This included a season with Seattle Seahawks in 2018 where he was added to the individual team’s contributor and the reserve safety. The year before that and in 2016, he formed part of the Los Angeles Rams as the free safety and strong safety.

His career with the Rams started way back in 2014 as the 28-year-old player joined and drew up some respectable numbers, but was also a little limited with opportunities.

However, let’s put all that behind us and allow the new linebacker to show what he is made of as he heads to the field with the Buffalo Bills. We expect to see some impressive results as he comes through with the team. It is also likely that he will be giving some of the younger players essential tips to improve their games over the next few seasons.

As we all know, Beane has excellent ideas for the Buffalo Bills within the next two years. These changes will have a significant effect on the team’s performance in the years to come. Therefore, it’s essential for Beane to consider all the possibilities and carefully work out the game plan going forward.

The Bills still have one of the most significant caps in NFL, and from what we’ve seen, they are using it wisely. Now, it all depends on what the players they’ve added bring to the team.

Those who’ve followed the Bills last season would remember the incredible performance from the Buffalo Bills. It is essential for them to choose players who would allow the star QB to shine even brighter. Let’s face it; it doesn’t matter how good Josh Allen was. The rest of the team just weren’t on the same level, which applied a significant limit to his abilities.

Now, in 2019, we see a whole new line up for professional players in addition to those who were there last year. This would make a significant difference to the opportunities available to Josh, which could even see the team beat some of the challenges that held them back last year.