Buffalo Plays Struggling for AFC Placement

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Our favourite National Football League sporting organization, the Buffalo Bills, has struggled to acquire their placement in the AFC Championship. After what seemed like a guaranteed position in the finals, the Buffalo Bills have lost their last two games against the most notable teams in the league. This included a loss to the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. Most sports analysts believe that most of these losses wouldn’t have occurred without the injury to Josh Allen.

There is some slight hope, with the Bills making the Ravens win as tricky as possible. Unfortunately, it ended in a 24 to 17 final score. The final score against the New England Patriots came out at 16 to 10, showing that the offensive and defensive lineup with the Buffalo Bills have struggled to keep up since their win on Thanksgiving Day.

One of the most notable sports analysts in North America, Mina Kimes, provided an insight look at ESPN on what the Buffalo Bills must accomplish to acquire their AFC Placement. She detailed how a significant alteration in tactics for the offensive and defensive lineup will assist with their future wins. Even though the Bills were nearly able to hold off two of the most potent teams in the NFL, moral victories don’t apply in this sports league. It appears that the Bills coaching staff didn’t listen to Mina, as they lost their most recent matchup to Baltimore with a 9 – 4 Final Score.

This marks the first time in two decades that the Bills have failed to Baltimore. The Ravens have never been considered a team for the contention of the championship. This has brought a significant amount of concern to fans, who are now losing hope that their team will win the AFC Champion or NFL Superbowl.

Can they improve?

The question that every Buffalo Bills fan has going forward is can their team improve before its too late. There is time to rectify the issues they’ve had throughout the last four matches. Unfortunately, their next contenders are the Steelers, who are considered one of the highest-rated teams league-wide. Even against such a formidable opponent, if the Buffalo Bills can defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers, it will enable them to enter the AFC Eastern Champions. However, they then have to play against the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys for three continuous weeks.

Most sports analysts suspect that the Buffalo Bills offensive and defensive lineup won’t compete against the Patriots, which will make them weak for the Cowboys. There’s almost little to no chance that the Bills will win the AFC Championship, but don’t lose out hope for the Superbowl.