Celebrating 60 Years

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As the NFL is gearing up for all sorts of festivities and marketing campaigns to celebrate a century, the Bills are indeed doing some preparations of their own for their 60th birthday. A new logo being one of them. Unfortunately, it seems that most fans aren’t even remembering that the team are currently in a milestone year and celebrating their 60th birthday. Even many of those attending a game have to admit that this milestone has completely slipped their minds. So what is happening in the Bills Camp? How are they celebrating and why would fans forget that they are in their 60th season?

An Anniversary Patch

This is the fourth time that the Bills are changing their logo to celebrate a milestone. During their 25th, 35th and 50th seasons they also made changes in their logo to celebrate. This year the 60th year celebratory logo will be worn as a patch on their jersey and is released in combination with their marketing slogan for the season, “Band together. Press Play”. The logo features everywhere and this is probably going to be a good reason to stock up on some new Bills merchandise. The logo features the words “est. 1960” in white letters on a red ribbon which flows through the much larger 60. The team was founded in 1960 by Ralph C. Wilson Jr., the late owner of Hall of Fame, hence becoming a member of the AFL.

Fans Wanting to Hear the Rumbling again

The news of the new logo and patches were however not received with positivity from all fans. It seems that fans are in desperate need of a great season from the Buffalo Bills again, they want to hear the rumblings. The fact that the Bills haven’t won any playoff games in the last 24 years is the only sound currently lingering in their ears. Maybe this year is the year where the Bills will be inspired to greatness again and surprise all fans and bringing them some noise to be proud of.

From the comments on many social media platforms, it is clear that fans remember that during the Bills 35th celebration they were recent winners of their fourth Super Bowl in a row, but after the 24-year drought in any major celebratory victories, the rumblings are quiet now.

Still Hoping

Earlier this year the Bills announced an increase in their season ticket prices. On average prices increased with $1.85 per seat per game. This is not an evenly spread price increase since the percentage to which your ticket price increased is based on where you will be seated in New Era Stadium. There are seats which will fill up roughly around 1% of the seating capacity in the New Era which increased with up to 10%. Other seats in first rows increased even much more in price, while about 7 700 seats decreased in price. With all these increases season ticket holders are truly hoping for a great season and the best anniversary gift that the Bills can deliver would be a won for a change.