Coronavirus Infects the Buffalo Bills After New Era Contract is Cancelled

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Media Personnel for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills announced that their 1st positive case of COVID-19. Coronavirus testing kits issued for the Bills training camp came back with a single confirmed case, which is considered negative & positive simultaneously for this NFL Teams. The player contracting this infection wasn’t detailed in their announcement, with the National Football League working diligently to guarantee privacy for their athletes.

The NFL Player’s Association & Corporate Division both signed a mutual agreement that stated coronavirus security measures. All footballers agreed that they’d be tested on the 1st day of their arrival at training camp, then succumb to two-days of self-isolation. Another testing kit would then be issued by the 4th day of camp. Negative results are required for footballers to train at their home facilities & compete in physical activities. Once NFL athletes confirmed with the virus are cleared with a negative status, the process will repeat. Subsequently, it’s almost impossible for the Buffalo Bills to redeem their undesignated player before the season opener.

Media Personnel clarified that the infected player is a Rookie, prompting the Buffalo Bills to isolate all Rookies until July 24th. Their isolation is being monitored to ensure symptoms for COVID-19 don’t arise unexpectedly. Anyone else confirmed with coronavirus in the Buffalo Bills Rookie Lineup will have to self-isolate until a test inevitably deems that footballer negative from COVID-19. It should be clarified that 95 NFL Players have contracted the coronavirus since arriving at their training camps. It’s the highest-infection growth seen amongst all professional sports leagues.

Buffalo Bills Renaming NFL Stadiums

This Rookie contracting the novel coronavirus came days after the Buffalo Bills announced their contract with New Era had been terminated. This means that the New Era Field in Downtown Buffalo will be renamed under an updated partnership. Personnel from both entities jointly announced the cancellation of their “Sponsorship & Naming Rights Contract”. The contract was slated until 2023, with New Era pulling out from profit losses associated with COVID-19. Media personnel with the Buffalo Bills confirmed that their advertising division is locating potential partners. They hope to have the Downtown Buffalo stadium renamed before the first official game of 2020.