Diving Economy Poses More Problems For Bills’ Future

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In 2008 the average ticket price of an NFL franchise was nearly $70. Buffalo Bills tickets remain the cheapest in the league struggling to keep the team in Buffalo with tickets available for as low as $46. Not because the fan base in Buffalo cannot support a team, but merely because the fans in the city are struggling to make ends meet and the Buffalo Bills, although a way of life for most Buffalo residents, is the last of many concerns. Once a city known for the beautiful sights of Niagara Falls, hard working industrial plants, and a booming economy now finds itself in desperate need of employment and economic stimulus not only to survive, but to keep a 50 year tradition alive. Since 1960, owner Ralph Wilson Jr. embraced the fine fans of this great city, taking losses of his own in hopes to find something positive. With our country falling quickly towards another depression, something has to give. In March of 2007, the league approved an increased revenue sharing program which would help the Bills financially by taking a share of larger market teamsʼ income and distributing the funds to smaller markets. The plan has not yet taken place as Roger Goodell is still working on a formula to determine the teams this will affect.