Dolphins’ McCain Misbehaving on New Era Field

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The game against the Miami Dolphins at New Era Field over the past weekend didn’t go well for Bobby McCain. Following an alleged incident of spitting at the Bills, supporters now made McCain the subject of an investigation by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. This incidence brings back all too many memories of Bryan Cox, also playing for the Dolphins and then showing the finger to the crowds and spitting at them in 1993.

The Incident

According to the 28-year-old Dylan Wentland, during the game, he has seated nearby a 13-year-old boy who shouted at McCain that he was irrelevant. The incident occurred during the warmup phase of the game. The winless Dolphins player didn’t take the minor’s comment well, and he turned around threatening to spit in the boy’s face. According to Wentland he then responded by asking McCain what he is doing and what kind of role model he is behaving in such away.

According to the boy’s father, Scott Hammond, the incident didn’t stop after one threat of spitting in the face, but that McCain indeed did it five or six times, even after the warmups were done and he only moved on due to a teammate urging him forward. During the entire time, Wentland stayed quiet, but after the game was over and the Bills managed a 31-21 victory, the Dolphins captain was looking for him, according to him. Wentland stated that he didn’t say anything and yet the Dolphin came running up to him and spat in his face before running down the tunnel again. Not only Hammond was witness to the incident, but also other eyewitnesses gave their accounts to the deputies investigating the matter as a non-criminal incident.

Dolphins Taking Action

The Dolphins’ coach, Brain Flores, stated on Monday that he heard McCain’s side of the story and he felt that the player should have handled the situation better. He also said that McCain would be disciplined and the matter will be handled internally. The defensive back for the Dolphins also responded in the meantime without denying any of the allegations. He stated that he regretted the incident and that he was not handling himself the best he could. He also said that he has discussed the matter with Coach Flores and that they are now looking forward to meeting up with Pittsburgh. Let’s hope that this time around McCain can contain himself.

Bryan Cox

The entire incident brought back many memories of the same kind of conflict when the hatred for the Buffalo Bills team, fans, stadium and city was too much for Bryan Cox to bear and he not only showed some offensive gestures but also spat in the fans faces. This incident took place in January of 1993 when the Bills and the Dolphins were fighting it out in the AFC Championships Game. The fact that the Bills thrashed the Dolphins also didn’t sit well with Cox back then at all.