Douglas Goodwin, Buffalo Bills Legend, Passes Away

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Over the past weekend the Buffalo Bills received heart-breaking news as the former legend, Bill Douglas passed away. He was a member of the team for paling in the Championship of 1965, when he was selected in the AFL Draft 1965 in the eleventh round. Goodwin was not only known for his great play on the field but when he needed support, the Buffalo community was there to give him all the help possible when he needed a transplant while battling with heart disease.

Massive Cost of Heart Operation

Goodwin could not afford the operation costs that reached between $150,000 up to an estimated $200,000, and that still did not include the aftercare of $100,000 or the annual medication cost of $30,000, needed to prevent organ rejection.

Jack Kemp Steps Up to Pay the Bills

The Bills was contacted in March of 2001 by Dr Ulrich Jorde, the cardiologist, who stepped in to explain the situation and Goodwin’s circumstances. The Bills office immediately sent a fax to former players and one day later the quarterback of the Bills, Jack Kemp contacted the cardiologist and offered to settle the operation and everything else.

Buffalo Players and Former Players Pledge almost $40,000

Jack Kemp felt it was his moral obligation to pay for the operation of his former teammate. Others also answered the call for assistance, and these included Ralph Wilson as well as other NFL organisations and teammates pledging almost $40,000. Goodwin appeared on the national heart transplant list and on the 11th of September 2001 he got his new heart.

New Heart for Goodwin on Flight – Same Day as World Trade Centre’s Flight 11

This new heart was sent off via a plane from the Logan Airport; this took place one minute before Flight 11 of America and Flight 175 United. Flight 11 hit the world trade centre at 8:46 and Goodwin’s heart arrived at 8:35 at Teterboro airport.

Goodwin Lived 18 Years with New Heart

Goodwin had no idea of what happened at the trade centre or that the plains took off nearly at the same times. His story ended positively, and he had so much to be thankful for. It goes to show that while the Trade Centre was targeted and ended up in one of the biggest tragedies, there was also a hint of greatness on that very same day.

Goodwin Gets the Opportunity to Watch Douglas Goodwin Play Professional Football

Goodwin went under anaesthesia and woke up 30 hours later, he never even knew he had the surgery, and his story is one of many famous sports legends. With his new heart, this Bills player enjoyed another 18 years and could watch his son Douglas play professional football. It also shows the great and close relationship of the Buffalo Bills team, when someone is in need current, and former players stand together to assist anyone in need.