Ed Oliver Could Be Potential Steal for Bills

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Todd McShay makes no secret of the fact that he sees Ed Oliver as a potential steal for the team. Maybe the Bills won’t even stand a chance to get Oliver interested, as McShay sees it, there is a strong possibility that Ed Oliver will not be available to the Bills. He also feels that should Oliver be developed properly he stands a chance to one of the three top players in his class. If he is available to the Bills, it would be an absolute steal.

What counted in favour of the Bills, is that Oliver is not a finished product; this is an excellent thing for them. If they get him and tie him up with a defensive line coach, which could teach him and show him to finish, it would be magic. He is not yet in the class of Aaron Donald; this comparison was already made several times. However, there are quite a few similarities in terms of speed, size and explosiveness. Aaron Donald was a natural finisher from the start, he rushes passes, and he knew well in advance; he was going to engage with offensive linemen. This is one of the main things Oliver need to work on.

Frank Reich Returns

Bills opponents for the preseason are revealed, and the games expected include that against the Lions and the Panthers. Buffalo is awaiting the return of Frank Reich as well as a rematch of what was one of the biggest upsets of the season.

Bills Move Makes Perfect Sense

Eddie Yarbrough signed a one-year contract with the Bills. The exclusive rights free agent was brought back by the Bills, and Yarbrough offers quality depth, is a fan favourite and inexpensive, so this move by the Bills makes perfect sense.

ESPN Ranks Sabres and Bills

The Bills are ranked miserable by ESPN based on the fans when all things are considered; it doesn’t feel that bad, though. The team has a plan in place for the upcoming season, and regardless of what anyone thinks regarding Josh Allen, he is the quarterback the Bills can rely on. The Bills have struggled for almost two decades without a quarterback; they have one now. Things in the team are still new, and it is exciting as it is also full of success promise. Fans believe that the Bills have a significant change of ending second in the division. A much better chance than ending in fourth as many believe.

While ESPN has high hopes for the Bills, who they believe have a good chance of doing well in the division by winning 6 out of 10 games in the season. This hope is not extended to several other franchises, namely the Dolphins might not be as fortunate or as lucky. Either way, there is a lot to look forward to and who knows if Ed Oliver makes a move, it could become exciting!