First Week of NFL Coronavirus Testing is Successful

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Domestic sports leagues in the United States of America have struggled to limit COVID-19 infections. Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Basketball League, and the National Hockey League have all seen infections. Most infectious disease experts & sports analysts anticipated that the NFL (National Football League) would see numerous positive tests. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has proven those presumptuous critics incorrect, with the league announcing today that their first week of the 2020-21 NFL Season hasn’t seen any confirmed infections. That’s because extensive COVID Safety Protocols have been put into effect, including required daily testing & enforced social distancing.

The NFL COVID-19 Reserve List hasn’t seen any new players, coaching staff, or employed personnel added. It shows that the enforced measures that Roger Goodell has enacted are working. NFL COVID Safety Protocols are more vital than the NBAs, MLS, MLB, and NHLs. That’s because National Football can sustain social distancing & that the NFL Commissioner disagrees that N95 Masks limit breathing. All footballers have been required to wear masks while competing, ensuring that during live matches, the virus still isn’t contracted. No other league has required players to wear masks during contention.

Infectious disease experts working under the NFL have informed Roger Goodell that positive tests are inevitable. It’s prompted the Commissioner to implement isolation & quarantine measures, with specific hotels being selected in each metropolis across America. Whenever an infected player is confirmed with COVID-19, they’ll be forced into two-weeks of isolation at their designated hotel.

Little to None

It should be mentioned that throughout September 6th to 12th, the National Football League saw several positive tests on its final week of training. Two weeks back-to-back of minimal-to-no infections leads to a strong indication that COVID Protocols from NFL Health Experts are working.

Since September 6th, the National Football League has completed more than 40+ thousand tests for the coronavirus. Throughout this period, several NFL personnel were confirmed with the virus. This includes two players and five team personnel. All seven are anticipated to make a full recovery, with the overall majority maintaining Asymptomatic Conditions.