Frank Gore Tells Police Brutality Story

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Fans of professional football in Buffalo adore Frank Gore, with this man being an iconic member of the Bills. He’s been retired for a short period but remains a popular & loved figure amongst the NFL Community, with supporters nationwide often remaking their desire for his professional return. The likelihood of Frank Gore returning to the Buffalo Bills at 35 is minimal. However, that doesn’t mean this Running back doesn’t provide his supporters with updates on his life. New details regarding Frank Gore’s athletic childhood has been revealed through social media.

Frank “The Inconvenient Truth” Gore felt compelled to reveal his experience with law enforcement after the “Black Lives Matter Movement” overcame the global stage. Gore remarked on a horrifying experience that occurred when he was considerably younger in High School. The story told indicates racial injustice in an impoverished neighbourhood, which isn’t surprising when considered that Frank Gore was raised in Coconut Grove. It’s known as the toughest neighbourhood in Miami, with their streets often patrolled by law enforcement. An unexpected occurrence happened to Gore at the Coral Gables High School in Coconut Grove, Miami.

The former running back with the Buffalo Bills indicated that when attending Coral Gables, he was detained unlawfully by gunpoint. Frank Gore iterated that the Miami Metro Police Department saw the Student-Athlete practising later into the evening. It should be clarified that Frank Gore had long dreadlocks & gold teeth, often wearing clothes that were associated with criminal entities across North America.

Reality Over Opinions.

Frank Gore disappears with the concept that his attire is associated with criminals, even with the provision that certain clothes were affiliated with gangs in North America. The Buffalo Bills Running Back believes his experience was purely out of profile & suspicion. However, this is a primary concept of law enforcement. Suspicious behaviour late into the evening warrants the involvement of police officers, especially when the worn clothing isn’t representative of positive values.

The Running Back emphasized his desire to run from law enforcement at that moment, not to comply, and express violent sentiments towards his detainers. Gore opted out from this decision upon realizing a gun was connected with his temple.