George Floyd’s Death Poorly Reflects the NFL

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The National Football League displayed their lack of sympathy towards the political climate, which follows after they issued a public statement regarding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This apology didn’t make any difference when accounting for the multiple times that NFL Executives have turned their backs against the African American Community. This included the Colin Kaepernick Debacle, where NFL would ultimately ban kneeling during the national anthem.

American reporters that review the NFL Twitter Account noted that this death could’ve possibly been avoided if the most prominent sporting association for African American’s stood to begin their consumers. Police Brutality & Racial Injustice has increased in the United States of America, with the National Football League refusing to address this issue. Refusal extended towards reports that On-Duty Law Enforcement at NFL Games was detaining African Americans based on race.

Considering that the overwhelming percentage of their football players are African American, the reactions showcased by the NFL was despised by athletes. Some refused to compete unless growth was shown amongst the executive. Responses from these Caucasian Men included the termination of their contract.

Colin Kaepernick provided insight towards the recent protests & riots seen throughout Minneapolis. This footballer remains a Free Agent, with it expected that Kaepernick would be picked up for the 2021 season if COVID-19 is over. Kaepernick noted that whenever civil servants choose, they’ll end the lives of their local civilians, Americans demand that retribution be maintained. Colin then provided remarks towards the NFL Executives, noting that their violence has brought more excellent resistance to the league. The formal statement from the National Football League is located down below.

The NFL’s Unjustified Statements

Unnamed representatives with the National Football League stated the George Floyd murder. They said that they’re incredibly saddened over the tragic events being seen across the United States. It was then remarked how the countries reactions reflect the anger, pain, and frustration felt by us all. Condolences were than issued to the Floyd Family for his untimely passing. Additional sentiments were provided to the remaining civilians in America that’ve lost loved ones during these riots.