Interesting Fact after Bills Practice Camp

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The Bills finished their training camp, and now it is time to ponder on what was evident during their latest practice round at New Era Field.

Zay Jones A Man of Perseverance

Zay Jones was the leading receiver for the team last season, and throughout the night he was regularly targeted. This led to the night not being much of an excellent start for him at all. During practice, he had a shot at a 30-yard pass. It came from Josh Allen, and it was tough, but Dean Marlowe contested it. Jones admitted that it was a tough catch to make, but he knew that he could do it. Unfortunately, he fell awkwardly, and Dean Marlowe didn’t approve. A couple of plays, later on, he had another wrong moment when he failed to hold on to a short pass. Still, he seemed focused on getting back into the game. That is also what he did. Through many more moments which didn’t work in his favour, he stayed committed and never failed to deliver on effort. In the end, he had four catches, which made this one of the most productive training camps for him.

Focus On Short Yardage

This seemed to be the first time that the training focused on short-yardage plays. Frank Gore was the first to carry the ball on a 3rd-and-short. This led to the offensive line to get a slight surge and Gore made a lunge to bring the ball in for the first down. Sadly this was soon followed by the head linesman noticing that the ball was still behind the yard and indeed no gain. Gore got very agitated by this, yet it might just have been the motivation which Gore needed to commit himself to get the ball over the line during the remainder of the play. Play continued, and the focus on short-yardage remained with Siran Neal delivering the best defensive game.

Lineups and More

Some of the veteran players have many rest days, which gave the rest a great deal of playtime. Plenty of lineup opportunities brought Cody Ford back into position at starting right tackle. Russel Bodine could take up starting centre, and Jon Feliciano was at starting right guard. This was due to Spencer Long being sidelined for sore knees and Mick Morse following concussion protocol. Back from a foot injury, we saw Quinton Spain at starting left guard position. Tremaine Edmunds was scaled back during Friday practice, and that placed Julian Stanford in an area where he could get lots of first-team reps. LB Corey Thompson also managed to get starter reps in the position of outside linebacker due to the rest day Alexander received. Denzil Rice and Cam Lewis were also active with many reps in the area of cornerback in the second unit.