Isaac Asiata Retires from NFL

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As July was coming to an end, the Buffalo Bills guard, Isaac Asiata made his retirement plans public. At the age of only 26 years, Asiata decided to bid playing for National League farewell. This came as a rather shocking announcement since it was only a couple of days after the Bills signed Asiata and there were high hopes for this 300 pound, 6-foot-3 lineman. It was expected that he would contribute extensively to the rebuilding of the Bills offensive line for many years to come.

The Short Career of Asiata

After playing on collegial level for Utah, the Miami Dolphins drafted him in a fifth-round pick in 2017. During his time with the Dolphins, he appeared for two games during two seasons while being present during practice rounds and then spending most of the time on the waived/injured lists. It was during June this year that the two parties came to an agreement and they released Asiata.

It was in July the 22nd that the Buffalo Bills signed with Asiata. They believed that even if he didn’t appear much for the Dolphins, that he still had plenty of potentials to play out on the field. Asia seemed to be excited about this second chance, which he received to prove himself in the National League. Asiata was present during the first week of the training camp at St. John Fisher, but during the second week, there was no sign of him on Tuesday. It was also then as the team just finished up after their last session of this training camp that Asiata made the announcement.

Asiata’s Struggle with Anxiety

Asiata admitted that he suffered a great deal with anxiety and the fears of not being good enough. He mentioned that he was always concerned with thoughts about what is going to happen next in his future and what will be the backlash if he fails. Being in the public eye added tremendously to the anxiety he already experienced. He also admitted that probably due to all of this, his heart wasn’t entirely in the sport anymore. He was hoping to give it a second try with the Buffalo Bills and were happy to be signed by them, but, during the training camp, he came to different insights. From now on, he is planning on focusing on his family and himself. It also appears that his decision wasn’t an emotional one, but one made with a clear head. He admitted to feeling much calmer and relaxed with an inner peace since the announcement was made. We’ll wait to see what the future holds for Asiata.

Asiata is the second Bills player to retire in two weeks. He shortly followed on the announcement by Rafael Bush that he is also stepping down after a career of nine seasons. No decision has yet been made regarding with whom the Bills will replace him.