Jerry Hughes, Staying on for Two More Years

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On Tuesday Buffalo Bills announced that they keep Jerry Hughes for another two years. The two-year extension contract comes at the price of $23 million, including $19.5 million guaranteed money and an average annual salary of $11.5 million.

Congratulations rolled in on social media from happy fans. Hughes stated that it is excellent when an owner, a general manager and coach believes in you. He is excited to be ready and that they can build a winning team now.

With this contract, the Buffalo Bills made sure that their best pass-rusher stays a little longer. The pressure was on, and while Hughes was due to become a free agent after this season, the Bills did what they felt necessary. GM Brandon Beane stated that Hughes is their best edge rusher and that players of his calibre are hard to come by. The market was waiting for him, so they had to make sure to keep him. He is also admitting to Los Angeles Rams contacting him twice last year to make inquiries regarding trading Hughes. They were turned down both times.

Hughes is one of the best defensive ends and is providing consistent pressure on opposing offences. A total of 74 forces in the previous season is linked to his name. Hughes is also responsible for the second highest pass-rush in the league.

He is being a player who is respected and liked by his teammates and being the leader of the defensive line after the retirement of Kyle Williams. Hughes is the veteran in the team and a crucial example to younger players. Hughes spent the majority of his career in Buffalo and players that played well gets rewarded — being described as “one of the hardest working, toughest guys on the team,” by former Bills centre, Eric Wood.

Even though Hughes only had seven sacks last season, one has to look beyond sacks. He is consistently a capable player. He is also considered to be one of the most disruptive players in the league by linebacker Lorenzo Alexander. He also comments that Hughes often miss sacks because of how he plays. He is always trying to make the best play for the team, and that is what is being reflected on his stats. “One shouldn’t get stuck on sack numbers and rather look beyond,” he further stated.

Hughes is playing since high school, and already they were a great running back and kicker returner, but regardless he only drew enough attention for a few scholarship options. UCT made him an offer which he accepted, and it is there where coach, Gary Patterson took him under his guidance and shaped him into an All-American defensive end. During the 2010 NFL draft, Hughes was still at the Colts where he was selected 31st overall by them. Hughes has always been seen as a steady, reliable force rather than a star, someone you know you need in your team, and that is what the Buffalo Bills made sure they do.