Josh Bellamy Arrested for Fraud

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An iconic wide receiver in the National Football League has been arrested by law enforcement. Officers took Josh Bellamy on September 10th, which occurred after evidence had shown the wide receiver used COVID-19 Government Loans towards purchasing luxurious items. Banking details showed that Josh Bellamy had purchased an influx of products from Dior & Gucci, while also visiting South Florida Casinos multiple times since the pandemic began.

The actions of Josh Bellamy haven’t gone unwarranted, with the New York Jets terminating his employment on September 8th. Accusations from an unknown source indicated that multiple NFL contracted athletes had participated in a “PPP Loan Scheme” worth $24 Million. Bellamy is the first to have been found connected with the government-based fraud, and now faced prison time for his actions. It’s expected that prosecutors will aid Bellamy with a reduced sentence if his co-conspirators are given up.

There are concerns that athletes contracted with the San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, and Buffalo Bills could have participated in the “PPP Loan Scheme”. Josh Bellamy was employed four of the five teams listed above, with a small percentage of his friends contracted with the Buffalo Bills. There aren’t any official accusations towards other footballers in the NFL.

Spending Details

Law enforcement highlighted banking data from Josh Bellamy. It was revealed that the New York Jets wide receiver spent $95,000.00 on customized jewellery, which has now been confiscated & will be sold at a federal auction. Bellamy also purchased more than $5,000.00 worth of products at Gucci and another $2,000.00 at Dior.

Co-Conspirators & Josh Bellamy attended casinos in South Florida, which $62,000.00 was spent at the “Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino”. Additional details provided by law enforcement emphasized that $17.5 Million was acquired through this “PPP Loan Scheme”. Bellamy & his Co-Conspirators had requested $24 Million in loans but had been rejected on $6.5 Million. That’s because circumstantial finance records didn’t appear accurate from former taxes filed by Bellamy.

Josh Bellamy & his Co-Conspirators now face decades of prison time for their criminal actions. Stealing from the United States Government is considered worse than murder in America, with parole options often not provided. This action has ultimately ended the lavish & favourable lifestyle of Bellamy. Instead of going to luxurious restaurants in Los Angeles, he’ll be fighting for scraps with the local inmates.