Josh Brown Misses Second Practice

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The Buffalo Bills & Los Angeles Chargers are slated to compete on November 29th. It’s a prominent matchup that has supporters from both sides eager with anticipation. Coaching personnel with the Buffalo Bills are starting to grow concerned because Josh Brown, a leading Wide-Receiver, has missed two consecutive practices. Missed practices were forced onto Josh Brown, who sustained an Ankle Injury last Saturday. It’s lead coaching personnel in an unreliable stance & unaware if their Wide-Receiver will be capable of competing on November 29th.

Sean McDermott, Head Coach for the Buffalo Bills, hasn’t provided details on possible strategies that account for Josh Brown not playing on November 29th. Sean McDermott clarified that coaching personnel are waiting until the 27th to determine where Brown’s medical condition stands. It’s suspected that Wide-Receivers with the secondary lineup will be reviewed & one selected for November 29th is Josh Brown is unavailable.

Bill Spectators have been disappointed with 2020s season, which has sustained multiple highs & lows. The downfalls for Buffalo came when Josh Brown started experiencing knee injuries, where continued downwards to his Ankle. Competing against the Arizona Cardinals in NFL’s Week 10 saw Josh Brown fall awkwardly, creating severe damage that continues to require healing today.

Wide-Receiver Josh Brown isn’t the exclusive footballer that’s missed practice over the last several days. November 24th practice saw Tight-End Dawson Knox unavailable. That was also because of a personal injury sustained during live competition. Tight-End Dawson Knox injured his Hamstring, with Defensive-End AJ Espinoza sustaining an injury via Non-Contact the Arizona Cardinals matchup.

It means three prominent players were subsequently injured because of the Arizona Cardinals, which the Buffalo Bills says needs investigation. NFL Corporate has continued to deny an inquiry into the Cardinals aggressive behaviour. Buffalo’s next practice would’ve been on November 26th. However, that’s America’s Thanksgiving & instead charitable donations throughout the city will be sustained instead of course.

Charitable Donations on Thanksgiving

The Buffalo Bills Foundation is donating one thousand meals to families in Western New York for Thanksgiving. It’s a regular occurrence with the NFL organization, which in 2019 saw multiple members hand-deliver these meals to families. That won’t be sustained this year because of the pandemic. It should be noted that $50,000.00 was also donated by the Buffalo Bills Foundation to families in need during the upcoming holidays.