Josh Norman Signs with the Buffalo Bills

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An influential cornerback in the National Football League became a veteran free agent after the 2019 Season. After extensive delegations regarding which team would receive his assistance, it’s been confirmed that the Buffalo Bills have signed Josh Norma a one-year contract. This follows after Josh Norman attended the Bills Training Facility in February and passed their physical test. He returned on March 17th to sign the deal, enabling this veteran cornerback to remain in the NFL for an additional season.

Josh Norman lost his position with the Washington Redskins following the salary cap. This NFL Outfit released Norman on February 14th, allowing him to engage in contract negotiations for one month. It should be mentioned that the Buffalo Bills have tried to acquire Norman for two consecutive seasons, losing out to the Washington Redskins in 2019. After playing in twelve professional games for the Redskins, with eight starts, the athlete mutually determined this association wasn’t suited for his talents. Josh Norman would acquire forty tackles, an interception, six pass breakups, a singular sack and forced fumble while playing for the Washington Redskins.

Sean McDermott has actively worked towards acquiring Josh Norman since leaving the Carolina Panthers. The Bills Head Coach was previously the defensive coordinator for this outfit, being employed by the Carolina Panthers for four seasons. During this time, both McDermott and Norman would become close. They’ve remained in contact ever since.

Jordan Poyer Re-Signs for Two Years

Additional signings were made before the launch of the 2020-21 NFL Season. Jordan Poyer received a two-year extension on his contract, enabling for this notable athlete to remain with the Buffalo Bills until the 2022 Season. This contract extension is worth $22.7 Million, with $13 million of that valuation being guaranteed for the first season.

It should be noted that Jordan Poyer has become an influential athlete for the Buffalo Bills, playing forty-seven professional games since 2017. He’s acquired more than 100+ tackles as their Safety. Sean McDermott has publicly expressed that Jordan Poyer is the kind of player that embodies the culture and environment of the Buffalo Bills. Under this Head Coaches reign, it’s expected that Jordan Poyer could be contracted until 2025 or later. Time will ultimately tell.