Josh Norman Tests Positive for Covid-19

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The Buffalo Bills will be without one of their leading players over the next fourteen days. An announcement was issued by team personnel that Josh Norman has contracted Covid-19, adding to the number of players & coaches unable to compete over the coming games. Testers employed by the Buffalo Bills clarified that contraction was sustained while travelling. Footballers travelled from Seattle to Arizona, with Buffalo previously competing against the Seahawks on November 15th.

This has subsequently resulted in four players being unavailable for the Bills matchup against Arizona’s Cardinals. It’s an unfortunate scenario for Buffalo, who leads the Eastern AFC Division. Losing Josh Norman could evoke a dynamic shift & prompt the Bills defensive lineup to struggle, which concerns supporters as two players have eliminated the offensive lineup.

Coaching personnel have determined that reserve players aren’t required for the November 17th matchup against Arizona’s Cardinals. Footballers reserved for Covid-19 inflicted players with Buffalo haven’t been selected regularly by coaching personnel. Second & third lineups are chosen for replacement over reserves, leaving some to question the third role with Buffalo. Coaches will be forced into selecting footballers on-reserve if outbreaks continue to worsen. It’s known that Josh Norman made contact with three players in the first lineup.

Norman’s Never-Ending Struggle

Josh Norman is likely disappointed with the confirmed infection of Covid-19. The footballer had missed three previous games from an injury in his left hamstring. Norman wouldn’t even train before being quarantined from the Buffalo Bills. His return won’t be for two weeks (Fourteen Days). Social distancing will be maintained via an undesignated hotel room. Norman cannot return to contention until two PCR Covid Tests are passed with negative results. Permitting that this athlete obeys protocols enforced by the NFL, Josh Norman shouldn’t have any issues recovering from Covid-19 in two weeks. Don’t expect Josh to perform admirably when returning after maintaining this horrendous sickness.