Kurt Coleman Beliefs the Bills Can Win the Super Bowl

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Only a mere week before the Bills training camp had to start, they plummeted into a situation where Rafael Bush, veteran safety to the Bill decided to call it a day. His resignation placed them in a position where they had to find someone else to replace this 32-year-old, and they had to do it quickly. Bush delivered a valuable performance and finding someone of the same calibre so promptly was a challenge. It was then when they signed on Kurt Coleman. Coleman is as excited about his presence in the Bills camp and is convinced this is the year in which they walk away with Super Bowl victory.

Kurt Coleman

Being a 31-year old veteran safety, retirement might not be that far away for Coleman either. This made his decision on which team he is spending his time with, even more critical. Coleman believes that the Buffalo Bills is the team which will walk away with Super Bowl victory this year. In his career, he was part of the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl team. While playing for the New Orleans Saints last season they were considered to among the favourites for the Super Bowl too. Hence, he has some valuable experience under his belt when it comes to Super Bowl exposure.

Coleman is convinced that the Bills roster is promising and can take them to the end. Another contributing factor towards his decision to join the Bills was his familiarity with Sean McDermott. Coleman admits that he didn’t want to choose a team which was merely popular in the public eye, but one that he felt have much-needed internal chemistry built upon a strong foundation.

The Bills defence did good in the 2018 season finishing off the second. This defence line is returning this season untouched. The offence needed some assistance and received a much-needed revamp during the offseason. Brandon Beane added many significant new contributions like Josh Allen. Coleman is convinced that these new editions will carry the Bills to playoffs. From playoff onwards, anything is a possibility when it comes to the NFL.

Tom Willoughby

Kurt Coleman is not the only man with such a strong belief that the Bills will win the Super Bowl this year; this is also the firm belief of Tom Willoughby. Willoughby is a loyal and lifelong fan of the Bills. He only had a short gap before going to a show to gamble a bit at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and when he won $140 at a slot machine, instead of taking his winnings home, he decided to reinvest it elsewhere. In his mind, there was no doubt that the Buffalo Bills will be the winners of the Super Bowl this year and he was putting his money where his mouth is. He placed a bet with 75-to-1 odds on the Bills winning the Super Bowl. His winnings from this could add up to $10 640, so let’s hope the Bills don’t disappoint this loyal fan.