Las Vegas Raiders Stripped of Draft Pick, Bills to Acquire.

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Multiple penalties have been evoked to the Las Vegas Raiders, NFLs latest franchise. It follows after the team violated Covid-19 Protocols on numerous occasions. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made an example of the Raiders, fining them $500,000.00 for the initial measures broken. Raiders Coach Jon Gruden was fined an additional $150,000.00 for permitting Covid-19 Protocols to be broken. The final penalty for the LV Raiders was learning their 6th-Round Draft Pick has been stripped. It’s now rumoured that the Buffalo Bills could replace the Raiders for their 6th-Round Draft Pick.

Numerous teams in the National Football League have broken Covid-19 Protocols, receiving stern & formal warnings from executives. The Las Vegas Raiders didn’t take these warnings seriously, becoming repeat offenders. Team leaders are appealing fines & penalties evoked by NFL Executives, which’ll create greater tension in the Raiders relationship with NFL Corporate.

The Las Vegas Raiders has two 6th-Round Picks for the 2021 NFL Season. Those Picks will be rewarded to other teams, which haven’t been determined by Corporate personnel. Inside sources suggest that the Buffalo Bills & Seattle Seahawks are likely to each receive one of the 6th-round picks. It should be clarified that the LV Raiders are first to receive penalties & fines for breaking Covid-19 Protocol.

Ignorant Behaviour

NFL Analysts are beginning to question how long Executives & Corporate personnel will excuse wrongful behaviour from the Raiders. There’ve been four incidents since the Oakland Raiders moved to Las Vegas, prompting multiple fines onto the franchise that’s accumulated more than $1.2 Million. Owners of franchises in the NFL typically avoid breaking protocol, understanding that various incidents can evoke their league removal. Some are beginning to question if league removal is being considered for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Detailed assessments of the Raider’s behaviour during Covid-19 is concerning. It’s not the first-time financial penalties have been evoked over the franchise during America’s pandemic. Additional fines previously included $250,000.00 for players not wearing facemasks, and $100,000.00 for hand sanitizing not being performed. When players refused to obey requests made by NFL Corporate, ten members of the Raiders were excluded from league-wide events.