Latest Concerns for the Buffalo Bills in 2018

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The Buffalo Bills are entering their bye week on an extremely high note, demolishing the New York Jets last week at MetLife Stadium. The phenomenal 41-10 victory managed to seal a roller coaster section of the schedule, concluding in a two-match stretch that Buffalo (3-7) played two matches where each match was decided by over 30 points. The Bills split these matches, losing to the Bears before defeating the New York Jets.

Although the Buffalo Bills ended this section of their schedule on a positive note, there are still a handful of reasons for fans to be concerned about this NFL team. Let’s take a look at these concerns as they enjoy their week off:

The Health of Josh Allen

Sean McDermott, the head coach for the Buffalo Bills, stated that Allen will start but only when he is healthy. This makes perfect sense, as the squad needs to have the incredible rookie take as much game reps as humanly possible to further develop him as a player. However, the 7th overall pick in drafts has taken his lumps with scrambles, sacks, and hits. While the Bills will take precaution to put Allen back on the field, he can still suffer additional injury down the line as well.

LeSean McCoy’s Play

McCoy is on par for having one of the worst seasons since he turned into a full-time starter for the National Football League. His performance last Sunday of 110-yards assisted in quelling some fears that the All-Pro reached the peak of his career. However, McCoy’s struggles this year are concerning, to say the least, and he is considered the focal point when it comes to the team’s offense.

Receiving Distresses

The wide receivers in the Buffalo Bills squad has been a real mess this season. Their number 1 receiver only has 20 catches for the year and has a 35.7% catch rate. With the uninspiring play from Kelvin Benjamin, other receivers had to step up and pick up the unnecessary slack. However, the overall unit of the Buffalo Bills lack consistent threats. For instance, Charles Clay is horrible this year, accumulating only 19 catches and this is someone that was supposed to help with the development of the team’s passers.


The Buffalo Bills failed to keep multiple matches at a respectable distance once they are trailing. This is something that followed the team since last year. When the Bills fall behind, things spiral out of control. Buffalo has only managed to lose one game this year by one score, and 4 out of 7 defeats were decided by 20 points or more.

Star Lotulelei

This defense tackler signed a whopping $50 million contract in March this year. However, he is now considered a space eater when it comes to Buffalo’s defense. He continues to open up room for rushers, and everyone expected great things from this 6-year pro, but he hasn’t been delivering at all. He only has eight tackles under the belt for the season which is quite concerning, to say the least.