Lotulelei’s Contract with Buffalo Bills Altered

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Speculations regarding the defensive tackler for the Buffalo Bills, Star Lotulelei, remaining with this outfit for another season has been evident. It was confirmed today by reps from the Buffalo Bills that he’ll stay for the upcoming season. Individuals close with this NFL team expressed to ESPN that the final three years of Lotulelei’s contract have been changed, with him receiving a significant setback in annual salary.

Initially earning $6.25 million yearly, that valuation has dropped by $1.75 million. Under this condition, Lotulelei can make an additional $2.5 million following a substantial injury. Instead of his five-year contract being worth $50 million as initially planned, continued setbacks in negotiations have prompted his final three years with the Buffalo Bills to drop to $17.50 million. It’ll mean his initial contracts valuation decreased by $20 million in its overall timeframe.

Star Lotulelei has significant faltered in recent memory with his skillsets, making him less valuable amongst coaching staff with the Bills. Lowering his contracts valuation also opened more funds up to 2020 acquisitions during the draft. The Buffalo Bills have a maximum cap that exceeds $80 million, marking it the highest to date. Regardless of the declining skills with the ageing Lotulelei, he’s a formidable asset to this organization. He previously played for the Florida Panthers for five seasons, where Lotulelei became a notable athlete. When initially joining the National Football League in 2013, this defensive tackler was the 14th pick during the 1st round.

Those doubting that Star Lotulelei doesn’t have the skillsets required to remain a dominating force with the Buffalo Bills would be wrong. Throughout the 2019 Season, he played all seventeen games during the regular season. This period saw him acquire 21 tackles, which included two back-to-back sacks against Miami and Denver. One of his most notable career moments followed with the Thanksgiving Day NFL game, which saw the Buffalo Bills and Texas Cowboys compete. Even though the Cowboys were victorious, it was Star Lotulelei that showed one of the most exciting moments. He tackled the head quarterback with the Cowboys, knocking Dak Prescott to the ground.

Justin Jefferson to the Buffalo Bills

Star Lotulelei will be joined by Justin Jefferson, who’ll take the position of wideout linebacker. He’ll assist Lotulelei in future events with the Buffalo Bills. This followed after their former wideout linebacker left this organization. Justin Jefferson has the capabilities to become the most recognized player with the Buffalo Bills, following the right training and mentorship. This will mark his 1st season in the National Football League.