NBC Football Analyst Apologizes After Sexist Comments

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The National Football League is working diligently towards recreating their public image. Dedication towards a prominent female community has grown in 2020 for the NFL. Personnel unfamiliar with the concept haven’t reacted appropriately since seasonal matches began, which was proven again on December 3rd. Chris Collinsworth from NBC proved himself ignorant on the live broadcast. Sentiments made by the Football Analyst noted his amazement behind a woman being capable of understanding NFL strategies.

Chris Collinsworth discussed how he’d previously spoken with supporters of the Pittsburgh Steelers & Baltimore Ravens. Sentiments from Collinsworth emphasized that everyone supports the NFL, but that woman has extensive questions regarding the game, that the specific nature of those questions blows his mind away. These statements saw immediate criticism from female & male supporters before the broadcast was over. It prompted for Collinsworth to apologize, working towards saving his reputation. Regardless, there’s an opportunity that NBC Sports might terminate the broadcaster.

Collinsworth maintains a minor reputation for discussing political subject matters. Sentiments regarding the female audience have been made previously during broadcasts with the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and New England Patriots. Long-term audiences with NBC Sports weren’t likely shocked by Collinsworth ignorance. Numerous fans found his actions deplorable, prompting the NBC Football Analyst to retort his statements & clarify the meaning behind those comments. Chris Collinsworth explained he’d been complimenting incredible woman from Baltimore & Pittsburgh, that his sentiments were to present their story. Collinsworth emphasized a sickening feeling & apologize profusely. It was enough to appeal towards the female audience and receive their forgiveness.

Punishment Unavoidable

Chris Collinsworth has sustained a prolonged career in broadcasting, working alongside prominent female journalists in the National Football League. That woman would stand alongside Collinsworth, mentioning that he’d never displayed actions associated with sexism. Michele Tafoya & Andrea Kremer believe punishment isn’t deserving for Chris Collinsworth. NBC Sports hasn’t confirmed if the pleas of Collinsworth, Tafoya, and Kremer will be respected. Punishment is likely coming.