New $18 Million Sports Centre of Bills the Best in NFL

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Cole Beasley decided to set the records straight a few weeks ago after a Twitter message. The Twitter user made a suggestion that Beasley might realize now that Buffalo is not Dallas. He instantly shot down the idea.

Cole Beasley Deletes Entire Twitter Account

Beasley also tweeted back, that when things are compared from a player’s perspective, Buffalo’s facilities far exceeds that of Dallas and that training is top notch. Maybe a less direct approach could be better, according to the Bills, which led to Beasley deleting his Twitter account. Although he is still glad that the point was made.

Sports Performance Centre is Game Changer for Bills

When it comes to resources available to the players, the Bills have access to more and better facilities as any other NFL team. Especially with the opening of their new 41,000 square foot sports performance centre. The opening ceremony of the state-of-art centre took place on the 12th of April. Since then the players have access to a remarkable offseason sports performance program and all the needed facilities.

Brandon Beane feels the sports performance centre is the game changer they needed. As the general manager he also shared that the one thing they did not have to take them to the top level, they now do.

The sports centre’s construction started in September, which was actually an improvement and renovation of the already existing 18,000 square feet training centre. The additional 23,000 square feet on the north-west corner required 130 workers during peak construction periods.

Stephen Hauschka shared that the importance and significance of the improved training centre can simply not be overstated. It will help the team and offers quadruple the equipment previously available to players. He believes the expansion is what the Buffalo Bills needed and that it would most certainly be the turning point.

Sports Performance Centre Required Major Investment

The bill for the centre was footed by the team owners, Kim and Terry Pegula, which spent around $18 million. In an interview with the Buffalo News, Kim told the reporter that it was done for the players. Their health and safety are most important, and it was something the owners wanted to do for the team.

The lease on the premises is still for another 5 years, which is a very long time in football time. The centre will be of great value to the team training and now that it is completed training can take on a whole new shape. It also includes a 700 square feet recovery lounge with Cryotherapy units as well as a yoga studio and sauna. Features added to speed up player recovery includes Acupuncture, Sleep Therapy, Float therapy, light therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic treatments. The focus of the performance centre is to offer player care and will help every player. Cairo described the new centre as amazing and overwhelming and he simply can’t believe how nice it is.